$3.79 Million - Construction Site Truck Accident

Sergio Vargas was working on a construction site when a scaffolding company's truck unexpectedly made a sharp right turn, ran over a construction zone cone, and crushed Sergio's ankle.  As a result, he developed chronic regional pain syndrome, a lifetime condition that permanently disabled him from physically demanding labor.

The defense offered $75,000 to settle, despite Sergio's medical bills totaling over $250,000.  The Vargas family was distraught, especially when the insurance company tried to blame Sergio for the accident, saying that he backed into the path of the moving truck.

The case went to trial and Randolph & Sampson, APC won a verdict of nearly $4 million for Sergio.

Now, despite his disability, he can provide for his wife and children, and can cover his medical and physical rehabilitation costs for the rest of his life.